This is actually my first Coach bag. I'd been looking for a satchel-shaped small to medium-sized bag for a while, but didn't know of this bag until I passed by the Coach boutique in Shibuya Scramble Square. It caught my eye immediately because of the beautiful metallic leather, which I'd never seen before. They were having a sale, probably due to the pandemic, and I couldn't find a secondhand one online (on Mercari, heh). So I made a snap decision to get it. The display set was actually the last one, so it must be pretty popular.

My verdict in a nutshell, if you don't want to read the whole review: Beautiful bag, roomy, just barely fits a 10-inch tablet, not good as a shoulder or crossbody bag.

On to the actual bag.


This link contains more pictures and basic details about the bag. It's 11 inches long and comes with an adjustable and removable strap. It has a zip pocket dividing the middle, and another open pocket on the back of the divider. It does not have a closure. It's available in other colors depending on the website; for example, Macy's has it in non-metallic black and dark red. It also comes in larger sizes on the Coach website. Mine came with a white dust bag.

The bag has feet attached. The leather is grained leather, and is thin, but feels durable and soft. It has a well-defined shape and has somewhat stiff bottom corners. The bottom doesn't sag when I put stuff into it, and hopefully it stays that way. I don't feel that I have to baby the bag, which is great.


The bag comes with a strap, but I don't want to use it as a shoulder or crossbody bag, because the handles are stiff and stay up. Besides looking awkward (in my opinion), the handles will also dig into your side. The link from earlier illustrates that. If I buy a shoulder bag, I always buy one with folding handles for that reason. I tried to wear the bag without the strap on my shoulder, and it was technically doable, but it felt awkward.

I only plan to carry it on my arm. If you do the same, putting too much weight into the bag will probably feel uncomfortable after a while. The bag itself is pretty light, at 0.5 kg/1.1 lbs without the strap. If you're the kind of person who likes to carry a lot of things, this bag might not be a good fit if you have to walk everywhere with it.


That being said, it's definitely roomy enough to fit your belongings. In the top picture, I have: my wallet (14cm long, 4cm width), key case, earphone case, umbrella, and book. It can easily fit more items like my phone, and maybe makeup or wet wipes. You could put a passport into the middle compartment if you're travelling. In the bottom picture, I managed to fit a small 350ml water bottle, though it was awkward and bulky.


I just barely managed to squeeze in my 10-inch tablet. I thought it would have fit easily, since the bag's length is 11 inches. I was afraid to push the tablet in because I didn't want to damage the bag. After some maneuvering, I manged to get the tablet to lie straight, but it does stretch out the bag. It can also lie diagonally, but that will reduce the usable space in the compartment. So it's probably not good as a work bag, if you use a tablet for work, or if you want to get a tablet in and out easily, like on public transit.

How I intend to use it: For when I'm dressed up a bit more and will mainly be sitting down, like at an event or when getting a meal. Because of the color I chose, the bag is kind of eye-catching and formal. I tried on some casual outfits with it, and the disparity was a little odd. But I specifically wanted something a bit dressier, since I already have everyday bags, so this is fine for me. I'd be happy to bring it into a formal restaurant or wedding. But I'm also planning to use it for when I hang out at cafes to read.

I feel it goes better with lighter-colored outfits. If it was more neutral like non-metallic black or brown, it would probably be easier to pair with outfits. I think the color works best for summer or winter. Summer, because the blue is very cool-toned; and winter, because the blue and metallic look would go well with the festive feeling. But it also looks great against my light brown trench coat, so I'd be happy to use it year-round. I think it's a bit more of an evening bag, due to the dark metallic look.

I hope that was useful. Let me know your thoughts below.