Obligatory title? Anyway, hello. I’m a software engineer with Mercari who just moved to Tokyo. I created this blog to chronicle my time in Japan, and hopefully provide some useful information and  perspective to anyone who wants to move here or be a software engineer. You will probably find many badly-taken phone pictures.

More detail about me: I’m a junior software engineer who does mainly  web development work, though I’m aspiring to be full stack. I’ve studied  Japanese for a few years and passed N3 recently, though I’d hardly consider myself fluent. Hobbies-wise, I enjoy the usual nerdy ones like video games and DnD, but I’ve also started learning to play the piano  recently. I also enjoy cooking and baking, though I probably won’t get to enjoy the latter much, since my apartment probably won’t have an  oven.

If you enjoy my posts or have suggestions, feel free to comment!