I've not written a post in months, so I'll restart my blog by setting out my goals for the year.

  • Pass ABRSM Grade 2. I've started taking private piano lessons at UK Fields. I initially chose them because their rates were cheap and their location is convenient (20mins from my workplace. The staff have been nice people so far. I also want to master the song Dear Friends, which I've been learning for quite a while now.
  • Pass JLPT N2. I'm taking a weekly prep class at Coto Language Academy. They limit class sizes to 8 people at most; my class has 4 people. So each student gets enough time to practice speaking, which is great. It's about half an hour from my workplace. It's quite tiring to have a 2-hour lesson after work, but oh well.
  • Read at least 5 pages of The Web Application Hacker's Handbook every workday. I'm doing mostly penetration testing this quarter, so I need to git gud, basically.
  • Try out at least 1 new recipe per month. For January I made chicken rice (just the rice though). I had to go to the asian grocery stores in Shin-Okubo, as I couldn't find any Japanese supermarkets that sold non-Japanese rice. I found much of what I needed at Asia Superstore, a Thai grocery store. The prices are much more expensive compared to South-East Asia, like 2kg of jasmine rice costing 1200Y, but that's what you get for living in Japan.
  • Exercise once a week. My coworkers go bouldering, and I've joined them once. I'm planning to join them more in the future.
  • Write at least 1 blogpost a month.
  • Do Memrise on my daily commute. I started using it because my Japanese vocabulary is pretty bad.

I recently started hosting this website on my own, as opposed to just using WordPress (hence the domain change). I learned how to set up things like nginx and SSL, which are things I'd been meaning to learn for a while. So it's a good start to my self-improvement streak for the year.